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S175 paragliding club wind speed and direction detection
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On-the-spot monitoring of conventional wind direction, wind speed, rainfall and other factors. Generally, the 2G/3G/4G/RJ45 communicates with the computer on duty, and the data is transmitted to the background for statistical analysis and processing
Wind speed alarm

Paragliding is a kind of flying motion invented by a group of flying people who love parachuting and hang gliding. It is very popular in Europe, America and Japan, and it has also set off a whirlwind in Taiwan. Unlike a traditional parachute, a paraglider is an aircraft. The club base needs real-time on-site monitoring of wind direction, wind speed, rainfall and other factors to determine whether it is possible for tourists to gliding.

System Block Diagram:

 Meteorological monitoring system
[Applicable device model]: DTU/S47X/S37X/S17X/STC